30 Minute Phone ConsultationThe objective of this call is to gather as much information about your dog and scenario, suggest immediate changes that can be implemented, and describe the general approach to addressing the matters discussed. The outcome of the call is to increase the owner’s understanding of the dog behaviour scenario they are facing. In the context of such a short initial call, it is unrealistic to expect partial or even complete resolution of the matters, especially if they serious in nature. In some cases, advice might be immediately helpful and can be implemented by pet dog owners. In many cases, having professional 1-on-1 help will be required to implement behaviour modification protocols. In all cases, we endeavor to be as helpful as possible! Please note, no refunds are available. Book carefully. Lastly, please note that if you do not pick up/no-show your scheduled call appointment, we regret that you are charged the full amount. So please make sure to book carefully and be ready for us to call you!